Chester Marlin Heape  ‏(I030)‏
Chester Marlin Heape

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 14 September 1918 44 40 Vergennes, IL
Death: 1 March 2002 ‏(Age 83)‏ Denver, CO
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 14 September 1918 44 40 Vergennes, IL

Education U.of I. @ Champaign
Degree Journalism

Military Service Army Air Corp

Death 1 March 2002 ‏(Age 83)‏ Denver, CO

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Parents Family  (F005)
Charles Jefferson "Jeff" Heape
1874 - 1974
Darlie Holliday
1878 - 1934
Dail Heape
1900 - 1984
Daisy Heape
1902 - 1984
Clinton C. Heape
1906 - 1981
Eugene Norman Heape
1909 - 1997
Homer Heape
Chester Marlin Heape
1918 - 2002


Shared Note

Chester joined the Army Air Corp. He was diplomatic courier after World War II. He carried confidential papers to heads of countries. While attempting to deliver papers to King Farouk in Cairo, Egypt, the King was overthrown and Nasser became the head of the country. Chester was hidden aboard a boat on the Nile river for a couple of weeks until it was safe for him to leave.

While in basic training he was friends with Robert Preston the actor, they dated twin sisters.


Chester Marlin Heape, 83, died March 1, 2002, in Denver, Colorado. He was born September 14, 1918 on his parents farm near Murphysboro, Illinois to the late Charles Jefferson and Darlie Holliday . He received Bachelor Degrees in Political Science ‏(1940)‏ and Journalism ‏(1941)‏ from the University of Illinois. He graduated with honors and was a member of Sigma Delta Chi, Professional Journalism Society. He served with the U. S. Army Air Corps, 8th Air Force, and General Patton's 3rd Army in Europe during WWII, and after many years in the U. S. Air Force Reserve, retired as Lt. Colonel. He was a Diplomatic Courier for the U. S. Department of State before moving to Long Beach, California in 1953. After retiring from business in 1983, he moved to Denver where he lived until his death. Chester was a man with a great sense of humor and his professional manner made him an important influence on young people and peers. Chester's greatest satisfaction was being supportive, kind and faithful to his extended family and many friends. He was preceded in death by his mother, father, sisters Dail Heape Conrad and Daisy Heape Colvin, and brothers Clinton and Eugene. He is survived by one brother, Homer, of Murphysboro. In lieu of flowers please make donations in his name to --------------. Arrangements made by Crawshaw Mortuary, interment of cremated remains will be held at Perrish Cemetery in Vergennes, Illinois on ----------------

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Family with Parents
Charles Jefferson "Jeff" Heape ‎(I008)‎
Birth 9 June 1874 33 27 Vergennes, IL
Death 21 March 1974 ‏(Age 99)‏ Murphysboro, IL
4 years
Darlie Holliday ‎(I009)‎
Birth 8 June 1878 35 33 Elkville, IL
Death 6 May 1934 ‏(Age 55)‏ Vergennes, IL

Marriage: 22 November 1899
9 months
Dail Heape ‎(I026)‎
Birth 19 August 1900 26 22
Death 23 April 1984 ‏(Age 83)‏ Denver, CO
2 years
Daisy Heape ‎(I027)‎
Birth 23 December 1902 28 24
Death 29 September 1984 ‏(Age 81)‏ Denver, CO
4 years
Clinton C. Heape ‎(I028)‎
Birth 1 July 1906 32 28
Death 8 October 1981 ‏(Age 75)‏
3 years
Eugene Norman Heape ‎(I006)‎
Birth 11 December 1909 35 31 Vergennes, IL
Death 10 February 1997 ‏(Age 87)‏ Carbondale, IL
Chester Marlin Heape ‎(I030)‎
Birth 14 September 1918 44 40 Vergennes, IL
Death 1 March 2002 ‏(Age 83)‏ Denver, CO